Road improvement in Salmartina and Hoya Redonda in Cehegín

The Autonomous Community has begun the works of conditioning and improvement of rural roads in the municipality of Cehegín

The Autonomous Community has begun the works of conditioning and improvement of rural roads in the municipality of Cehegín. The actions consist of widening and paving the La Salmartina and Hoya Redonda roads, which serve a large number of farms and homes in these areas, and have an execution period of four months.

The Minister of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and the Environment, Antonio Luengo, visited the area together with the mayor of Cehegín, Alicia del Amor, to check on the ground the scope of the works, which will affect 1,600 meters of layout and that have a budget of 150,000 euros.

"These works, which we carry out at the request of the City Council of Cehegín, contribute to the maintenance and sustainable development of the rural areas of the municipality, put in value its natural environment and help to consolidate the business fabric of the area, avoiding its depopulation", highlighted the adviser.

The mayor thanked the Community for this investment in the face of actions that seek, once again, to facilitate the transit of agricultural vehicles, favoring the access of farmers and ranchers to their farms in a safe way and improving their working conditions.

Specifically, 822 meters of the La Salmartina rural road will be widened and paved, located in the district of Canara, whose current route is dirt, with a width that varies between 3 and 5 meters. This road begins and ends at the B-20 regional road, in the rural nucleus of La Pilá, so its conditioning will be very useful for the residents of the area, since it is frequently used as a service road avoiding traffic of agricultural vehicles through the center of the district.

In addition, it serves as a communication route with the RM-B20, thus facilitating access to a large number of greenhouses where all kinds of flowers are grown, a fundamental activity in the Canara district.

In the same terms, action will be taken on the 776 meters of the Hoya Redonda road, which connects Canara with La Pilá. It gives access to several farms and nurseries also dedicated to the cultivation of flowers. This road, whose width varies between 3 and 4.30 meters, is also often used as an alternative way to get to La Pilá, which significantly facilitates the circulation of vehicles that serve the nurseries and serves as access to numerous isolated houses.

Another of the planned actions is the improvement and conditioning of the La Canaleja road, whose project is pending administrative authorization, with an estimated budget of 143,000 euros. In addition, within the framework of the third call of the Rural Development Program of the Region of Murcia (2014-2020), the renovation and adaptation project of the Hoya de los Hermanos road has been selected, whose project is in the phase of drafting.

The initiative is financed 63 percent with Feder funds from the European Union, 11 percent by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and 26 percent by the Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and the Environment. Atmosphere.

In addition, the visit has served so that Alicia del Amor and the Minister of Agriculture and Water, held a meeting in the consistory in which the mayor presented a series of possible interventions that would be necessary in the town, including the arrangement the subsidence on the road to La Muela and the possible breaks in the irrigation pipe, the renewal of the drinking water network in Calle Greco, Murcia road and Plaza Juan Pablo II, the rainwater collector in the area of Slaughterhouse, and the rainwater collectors in the Arrón area.